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Bill #1
Bill Moncrieff | Chairman

Bill started WJ Moncrieff Pty Ltd with his father in 1966. Initially selling communication products and later on moving on to electrical components, Bill eventually developed the company to become an IT services provider. The partnership with IBM started in 1986 and still continues to be strong.

Matt #1
Matthew Moncrieff | Managing Director

It is an honour to be elected by the board as the 3rd Managing Director of Moncrieff in its 48 years since incorporation. It is a unique position in the corporate world to be able to follow in the footsteps of Jim my grandfather and Bill Moncrieff my father, the founders of WJ Moncrieff Pty Ltd.

Now is a great and interesting time to be involved in the IT industry with many forces fundamentally changing the economics of IT infrastructure delivery and service delivery. I relish the opportunity that the board has provided me with to become the custodian of culture and wisdom that is contained within Moncrieff and translate that internally to our staff and externally through them to Moncrieff’s clients.