Cloud Computing capitalises on Internet-based resources — such as servers, applications, backup, firewalls, storage, and software — that were traditionally installed and maintained locally, on-premise. Cloud computing provides enhanced on-demand access via any internet-ready device, anytime, anywhere. Moncrieff’s services and solutions mitigate the risk of moving business processes to public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud as well as software as a service (SaaS). Monitoring,... Read More
The technology innovation behind creativity and design Stay ahead of the game and your competitors by investing in technology innovation. Start by investing in a platform with the freedom to create anywhere, anytime and on any device. Moncrieff Technology Solutions’ 3D2gO technology will provide access to graphic-intensive applications with a platform that provides flexibility and consistency in delivery. The solution is cost effective and can be delivered on a consumption model. Contact us... Read More
Moncrieff understands that injecting mobility into your organisation can involve a lot of challenging cultural change, including the IT staff, which is why we offer an end-to-end mobility solution for you! You won’t have to worry or stress about going to different providers to secure a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, retire devices or develop mobile apps – Moncrieff will do it all for you. Mobility has transformed the traditional workplace to enable employees to work anywhere,... Read More
Moncrieff's staff are experienced and certified in both Cisco and IBM technologies, making Moncrieff uniquely positioned to deploy VersaStack into your organisation for integrated infrastructure solutions. VersaStack is a pre-engineered, tested, and supported system designed to operate as a whole which brings new levels of ease, efficiency, and versatility to the cloud, big data, and enterprise application deployments. IDG research determined that three out of four CIOs say that it’s... Read More
Are you struggling to manage the demands of desktop users? Moncrieff offers a range of cost-effective Desktop Lifecycle Management services to meet the growing needs of your business. We understand that increasing numbers of people want access to a greater number of services through a vast selection devices. That’s why we tailor our services to help you optimise desktop availability according to your needs and budget. We help you contain costs, reduce risk, and support business... Read More
It doesn't matter if your organization has 1 or 100,000 employees, you can still benefit from extending your productivity outside and inside the walls of your office:   Empower those on the road troopers to keep their eyes on the prize without forfeiting response times to critical matters Move around your office easily for meetings or face time without losing your connectivity Provide flexibility for hard-working employees to work where they need to work     The... Read More