Cloud Computing

Delivering Cloud Computing Solutions

The term Cloud Computing is a relatively new, however in reality it has been with us for a long time.  Effectively it is a form of computing in which the “resources” (such as servers, applications, backup, firewalls, storage, software and other services) that typically are installed and maintained locally are now Internet-based instead. Yet, they still provide on-demand access to users via their computer or other internet-ready device.

Public cloud infrastructure

The big change is the massive investment by global IT giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM and other’s in public cloud infrastructure and internet application delivery though Software as a Service (SaaS).  Organisations now have the opportunity to leverage these investments and the competitive landscape to access services as and when required and provide agility, innovation and scale to the systems they use.

Moncrieff have services and solutions that allow organisations to mitigate the potential risk of moving business processes to public cloud infrastructure or software as a service.  These include monitoring and reporting of the infrastructure or the backup of the data held in the cloud and on mobile devices.

The advantages that come with cloud computing can help you resolve some of the common challenges you might have while supporting your organisation, including:


Choose from a subscription or a pay-as-you-go plan—whichever works best with your l’s financial circumstances.


Manage your budget and infrastructure – cloud computing allows you to vary size of your computing and storage needs as requirements fluctuate without having to commit to long term capital investment.


Help make data and services publicly available without jeopardising sensitive information.

Cloud Computing for design

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