Moncrieff Client Connect Personalised to Your Requirements

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Moncrieff Technology Services provides clients easy access via the Moncrieff Client Connect which is a user-focused B2B Portal  —  The portal is customised to organisational requirements with authorities based on the user’s credentials.

The Moncrieff Customer Portal provides clients with direct access into Moncrieff key ordering, quoting and service delivery systems.  The system provides up-to-the-minute order stock and service job status information and several other great benefits:

  • The online catalogue is client-specific with standard products including pricing, product details and images. Additionally the portal provides clients with the ability to make opportunistic purchases of specials and clearance items.
  • Getting a quote online has never been so easy and secure.  Linked to user identification, only they can see their quotes.  Additionally the portal can be programmed with approval delegation process assisting in procurement.
  • It is easy and efficient to place and track orders using agreed pricing and visibility to stock availability.  Delivery to multiple sites is also simple.
  • With a direct line to the Moncrieff ServiceDesk, clients can log service jobs and warranty calls directly with Moncrieff.