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WA’s IT System Security Specialists

How safe is your business data and information? How secure are your physical systems? With increasing Internet and email usage, keeping your systems up-to-date is vital. After all, it only takes one infected file to bring your systems down.

Moncrieff can assist with the security and protection of your IT systems. Our experienced team can ensure your systems are properly secured against viruses.

We provide the following services:

Enterprise Anti-Virus Service
We can configure an Anti-Virus solution to ensure the security of your systems. This service also includes maintenance and monitoring.

Directory Support Services
We can ensure you maintain a consistent and reliable Directory Service Infrastructure with ongoing monitoring and support. We also provide user and account management, resource management (printers, shares etc), and troubleshooting for Directory Service issues.

Directory Design Service
Our team can design and implement or restructure Directory Services infrastructure to meet the needs of your business. Elements include: DNS, Organisational Unit (OU) Structures, Group Policy Design/Implementation, Site Structure, and Replication Topology.

Data Back-Up Service
Moncrieff can ensure that data backup and restore applications are properly configured and maintained. Our Data Back-Up Service includes: Configuration of Backup Schemes, Scheduled Data Restore Tests, and Resolution of Incidents/Problems related to the backup system.

Access Management Service
We can manage secure access to your IT systems and services according to your company’s policies and procedures.