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Backup and Business Continuity

Speak to us for reliable cloud-based backup services for business.

Backup and Continuity

Preparation is key, particularly in business. This reinforces the need for strategic planning that allows a company to maximise its profits while still minimising its risks. Every organisation should strive to have in place robust contingency plans with business continuity measures as it will help position the organisation for success regardless of the circumstances. Contact us today to find out more about our cloud-based back up services for business.

Backups underpin data-protection and business-continuity strategy. It is estimated that more than 50% of backups fail either entirely or partially. Moncrieff Cloud Backup as a Service (BUaaS) secures your organisation and relives staff from mundane, error-prone procedures and tape library management. We provide cloud backup solutions for small businesses and large, so if you need a contingency plan for your data make sure to contact the experts.

Benefits of a business continuity plan for IT systems

  • Protects your intellectual property
  • Mitigates risk with backup data secure, available and accessible from an external location
  • Complies with risk and security requirements
  • Removes human error from backup operations
  • Eliminates capital investment in backup infrastructure and maintenance costs

Cost and Inclusions

The Moncrieff Cloud BUaaS model can be customised to provide a range of services from simply provision of cloud storage for a fully function-managed backup solution that includes management, monitoring and reporting services. The BUaaS is a simple, predictable cost per GB monthly cost which includes the optimal configuration for your organisation — backup licenses, onsite backup storage, management, support and network costs depending on the level of service selected.

Technical Process

The Moncrieff Cloud BUaaS uses policy-based, incremental and ongoing backups transmitted across the internet or a dedicated Layer 2 network link(s) back to the Moncrieff Private Cloud.

A backup copy is also stored locally at your site to ensure the fastest restoration of the most recent backup. We assist by conducting a detailed business continuity risk assessment to ensure you have a solution that suits your specific needs.

Should your organisation require a secondary off-site copy, the backup data can be easily replicated to a second geographically separated data centre.

Expectations Met

  • Peace of mind knowing business data is securely backed-up
  • 24/7 monitoring of backup operations
  • Verification of data integrity at offsite location
  • Remove human error as there is no need to manage backups and tapes
  • Remove dependence on legacy technology and refresh cycles
  • Flexible monthly pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing
  • Local copy of data for fast file recovery
  • Monthly or quarterly restoration testing based on your specifications
  • Utilise evergreen technology
Call 1300 IT ASSIST (1300 482 774) today if you would like Moncrieff to tailor a backup solution that secures your organisation data. Alternatively, email

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