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Backups underpin data-protection and business-continuity strategy. It is estimated that more than 50% of backups fail either entirely or partially. Moncrieff Cloud Backup as a Service (BUaaS) secures your organisation and relives staff from mundane, error-prone procedures and tape library management.

Benefits of backup as a service

  • Protects your intellectual property
  • Mitigates risk with backup data secure, available and accessible from an external location
  • Complies with risk and security requirements
  • Removes human error from backup operations
  • Eliminates capital investment in backup infrastructure and maintenance costs

Cost and inclusions

The Moncrieff Cloud BUaaS model can be customised to provide a range of services from simply provision of cloud storage for a fully function-managed backup solution that includes management, monitoring and reporting services. The BUaaS is a simple, predictable cost per GB monthly cost which includes the optimal configuration for your organisation — backup licenses, onsite backup storage, management, support and network costs depending on the level of service selected.

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Technical process

The Moncrieff Cloud BUaaS uses policy-based, incremental and ongoing backups transmitted across the internet or a dedicated Layer 2 network link(s) back to the Moncrieff Private Cloud. A backup copy is also stored locally at your site to ensure the fastest restoration of the most recent backup. Should your organisation require a secondary off-site copy, the backup data can be easily replicated to a second geographically separated data centre.

Expectations met

  • Peace of mind knowing business data is securely backed-up
  • 24/7 monitoring of backup operations
  • Verification of data integrity at offsite location
  • Remove human error as there is no need to manage backups and tapes
  • Remove dependence on legacy technology and refresh cycles
  • Flexible monthly pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing
  • Local copy of data for fast file recovery
  • Monthly or quarterly restoration testing based on your specifications
  • Utilise evergreen technology

Call 1300 IT ASSIST (1300 482 774) today if you would like Moncrieff to tailor a backup solution that secures your organisation data.  Alternatively, email