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Reduce your organisations risk of cyber-attacks with our cyber security solutions

No matter the size of your company, cyber security is vital to its survival, and all companies should be prepared for a breach. Moncrieff offers Cyber security managed services with a broad range of security solutions. Contact us today and we’ll help protect your company’s sensitive information and data.

Managed Security Services can increase your organisation’s productivity by:

  • Reducing wasted time and resources
  • Preventing breaches and infections
  • Minimising management complexity
  • Reducing operational risks.

A single, low-cost subscription offers continuous protection, automatic security updates and upgrades coupled with around-the-clock technical support.

Moncrieff, , assists organisations to reduce the risk of a cyber-attack by protecting data and intellectual property from global cyber threats. After initially establishing clear and consistent rules for firewalls and other network security devices, we will then monitor your system 24/7.

Moncrieff Managed Security Service delivers a tailored security solution to meet your organisations unique business requirements:

Enterprise Anti-Virus

Monitoring of your organisation’s existing endpoint and server anti-virus solution, ensuring that all systems are covered and compliant.

Endpoint protection

Protect your PCs, servers and mobile devices. Our cloud-based solutions will protect you against viruses, malware, crypto locker and ransomware.

Email protection

Reduce time wasted reading unwanted emails and spam.  Ideally suited for cloud-based email solutions such as Office 365.

Security infrastructure

We provide monitoring, maintenance and on-going management of your security infrastructure; this will help protect your network and external communications.  Ensure that your infrastructure remains compliant and protected by the latest security innovations.

Key benefits of an effective cyber security strategy

  • Proactively protects your organisation from fraud and security threats
  • Reduces risk to your business operations
  • Ensures that your systems are compliant with the latest security measures
  • Increases your understanding of potential threats to your data and information.

Cyber-attacks can cause massive damage to companies, governments and individuals; Yahoo’s disclosure of a massive breach is a strong case in point. The necessity for strong cyber security monitoring is self-evident; adopting strict cyber security measures will protect your business and make sure you respond adequately to any threats.

Stay protected. Contact Moncrieff your local cyber security solution providers today.