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Hybrid cloud

Moncrieff understands that no two organisations are the same with different requirements and different types of applications, the Hybrid Cloud Solution combines on-premise, public and Moncrieff Private Cloud. Moncrieff Private Cloud provides a transparent extension of private cloud workloads to public or third-party provider-hosted cloud environments via Cisco Intercloud Fabric. Hybrid cloud connections are highly secure and deliver flexibility for workload placement.

Network security and access control policies defined within a private cloud are enforced in the public cloud, ensuring secure elastic cloud capacity.

Supply and Demand Economics

As part of the Hybrid Cloud Solution, the Moncrieff Private Cloud accommodates supply and demand economics for the provision of IT workloads in the public cloud. The system can prepare, provision and de-provision workloads in and out of the public cloud based on increases and decreases in demand for resources. With IaaS subscription using the Hybrid Cloud Solution means only paying for the compute capacity required.

Key benefits to using the Hybrid Cloud Solution

  • Improve operational agility by seamlessly integrating on premise, private cloud and public cloud
  • Increase compute to meet your organisation’s requirements or scale back when you’re on premise infrastructure is all that you need
  • Eliminate waste and focus resources where they add most value
  • Moncrieff Private Cloud is located in Western Australia and is highly secure and resilient
  • Evergreen technology
  • Disaster recovery in hybrid cloud dramatically reduces recovery times compared to conventional (non-virtualised) disaster recovery approaches
  • Cloud computing cuts out the capital cost of infrastructure. The subscription-based model provides organisations access to the latest technology without capital investment


“Comparing the server and storage requirements that we could afford to buy vs. those to which we can subscribe, the Moncrieff Private Cloud Solution is by far the best solution for us.”

IT Manager

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