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Private cloud storage uses industry leading vendor technologies and best practices

Private cloud services are similar to public cloud services, however, instead of providing services to multiple companies or individuals, a private cloud is dedicated to a singular business or organisation. It’s best suited for those businesses with complex or dynamic computing needs, who must have absolute control over their cloud environment. Private clouds, also known as “internal clouds” or “corporate clouds,” sit behind the company firewall. Access is restricted to certain or all employees and/or or business partners. Contact us to find out more.

Established company brining you the latest IT technology

As one of Perth’s well-known IT companies, we make it a point to stay ahead of the IT game. This allows us to bring our wide range of clients the latest technology solutions, helping them manage and grow their businesses. If you’re a business that takes security and compliance seriously, then private cloud computing is probably the best solution for you.

Benefits of private cloud computing (PCC)

  • Single tenant environment

As one of Perth’s leading private cloud service providers, we service many clients who prefer the single-tenant environment of the private cloud. This allows you to customise cloud computing to suit your exact business needs.

  • Increased security

As a dedicated service, it’s much easier to set higher levels of security. Add to this the correct physical security, anti-virus software and firewalls rules in place, and your data and information is about as safe as its going to get.

  • More flexibility

Because your server is dedicated to your business, it’s not difficult to make adjustments to it, whether its boosting its capability or tearing it down. If you need more storage space, RAM or CPU power, its quick and easy with private cloud computing. Additionally, it makes it easier to customise storage and network and hardware performance to suit your business’s exact needs.

  • Hybrid cloud deployments

If you are in a situation where you need a dedicated server to run a database application. This can be achieved by integrating it into a private cloud, allowing you the luxury of being able to use both dedicated servers and virtual servers at the same time.

  • More reliability

When one client is using a cloud as opposed to many clients in a public cloud, it’s much easier to guarantee reliability and ensure that things don’t go wrong.

Cisco Unified Computing System

Cisco’s Unified Computing System is new type of enterprise server system designed to help businesses solve complex data centre issues and optimising the usage of virtual servers.

In addition, we make use of several services from established technology companies, allowing us to provide you with the full range of IT solutions, making sure you get exactly what your business needs.

These include:

  • IBM storage
  • IBM V7000 Storage
  • Evergreen Technology
  • VersaStack

Contact Moncrieff, your local IT solutions service provider today, and find out we can do for your business.