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As a small business owner, why should I consider a service such as Moncrieff IT Assist?

Many small businesses view the cost to hire full-time IT staff as excessive. Even when there is no cost justification for a small business to hire full-time IT staff, they still need some IT support.

As a result, top executives and upper management often provide many of the network administration and help desk services typically supplied by internal IT staff in other businesses.

Although this is often viewed as a cost savings, executive or management staff time is
expensive and handling IT problems is a distraction that can reduce their ability to provide
strategic direction.

Furthermore, casual system administration by unqualified part-timers often exacerbates problems in a small business already fragile infrastructure.

IT Assist can address this problem by providing IT services small businesses need.

Why should I consider a managed service when I already have IT resources available?

As more and more demands are made on IT departments, it is common for IT staff to be overallocated.

In many organisations, it is common for IT staff to be just focus on supporting and maintaining the infrastructure leaving little time for what is most important improving services and driving innovation and competitive advantage.

Moncrieff IT Assist can address this need by keeping IT systems monitored, maintained  and managed, enabling your internal IT staff to focus on IT system development and innovation or to scale back or eliminate their internal IT department.

What can Moncrieff IT Assist do for me to reduce time spent on maintenance and troubleshooting?

Most business understand the need to keep systems current and have upgrade plans.
However, these same companies end up spending all of their time supporting outdated systems and fixing problems, which prevents them from implementing the planned upgrade projects that could address the underlying cause of many of their problems.

IT Assist can reduce maintenance and troubleshooting needs significantly by addressing the underlying causes of unstable systems.

Do you have best practices in place?

Regular training and research is critical for IT staff. Often, IT staff are not given the time necessary to base their solutions best practices. A poorly planned or executed project often requires more time troubleshooting and increases expenses during and after the implementation.

IT Assist can address this need by incorporating current best practices and world-class expertise for less than customers often spend maintaining their own IT department.

What does this service cost?

The costs of an IT Assist plan varies, depending on the size of your business and your needs.

We provide three different plans to suit your business needs, however we can add additional services based on your requirements.

If you like to have peace of mind and just want someone to look after your IT environment so it stays healthy, but don’t need any of the extra’s, then choose a basic plan. If monthly status reports are important to you, a professional plan will suit your needs.

Additionally, you can choose our 24/7 support service. where you can count on a technician being available to you on a 24/7 basis. Whatever your requirements; our IT Assist plans will cover it.

Spend as little as $300+ GST per week and have access to a helpdesk, IT support and monitoring services.


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