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Moncrieff will be emerging as a new company on the 1st of July.  The operations from WJ Moncrieff Pty Ltd will be moved over to a new company, Moncrieff Technology Solutions.

The new company has been created to provide flexible structure that allows for succession planning.    This has given Moncrieff the opportunity to do some rebranding to reflect the products and services the company provides.

What’s in a name?

Moncrieff Technology Solutions

  • MoncrieffKnown for our culture & strong partnerships, since 1966
  • Technology Improving efficiencies & increasing clients productivity
  • SolutionsFocused on outcomes

Due to the strong heritage and reputation of Moncrieff in the Australian IT and business landscape, the name continues.



moncrieff logo


The addition of the green Technology Solutions to the existing logo reflects our intention to retain the strong Moncrieff culture whilst continuing to provide new and innovative technology solutions. 

We hope this provides our current, past and future clients with the initiative to take a fresh look at Moncrieff and get an update on what we are currently doing and where we are going.



Moncrieff Technology Solutions Pty Ltd

ABN: 57 072 961 150

ACN: 072 961 150