Safely Transition to Hybrid Cloud

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Moncrieff security partner Fortinet allows businesses to safely transition to hybrid cloud. From IoT to the Cloud, Fortinet Security Fabric intelligently segments the network to provide broad, powerful and automated protection.

Digital transformation is driving an exponential growth in data volume in both business, and society as a whole. Consumers expect instantaneous digital speeds, and the ability to access information or perform transactions with the tap of a screen. This ‘always on’ mentality puts huge pressure on businesses to stay ahead.

Using virtualised networks and a variety of cloud-based services, businesses are optimising their technology to meet market demands. Given the predatory nature of cybercriminals, they are looking at all opportunities to infiltrate systems. An effective security solution that can extend deep visibility and control across the distributed network landscape is essential. Fortinet provides a fortress to keep your business safe in the digital age.

Broad – the fabric covers the entire attack surface

Powerful – The security fabric utilises security processors to reduce the burden on infrastructure.

Automated – fast and coordinated response to threats

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